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  • PROMEGA Product Day

    PROMEGA Product Day…from the 23plex Y kits to Global STR Kits

    The PROMEGA product day was organised by Harel Mallac Healthcare on the 20th November 2012 at Grand Ocean Restaurant. Attendees in the field namely Ministry of Health, Forensic Laboratory, Mauritius Oceanography Institute, MSIRI & University of Mauritius were convened to the informative workshop. 

    Dr. Rita Weispfenning Technical Manager at PROMEGA for Genetic Identity was the guest speaker for this first presentation. The objectives of the workshop were to explain to all attendees the extended capabilities of PROMEGA kits in the field of Genetic Identity. 

    DNA extraction protocols as per supplier’s were fully discussed to demonstrate efficiency and time saving possibilities of PROMEGA products during either caseworks or referencing for obtaining almost pure DNAs. 



    The Promega Genetic Identity products that were highlighted during the one day workshop are: 


    -  The DNA IQ™ System is a DNA isolation system designed specifically for forensic and paternity laboratories. This system employs novel paramagnetic particles to isolate clean DNA for use with short tandem repeat (STR) analysis. The DNA IQ™ System can be used to extract DNA from a variety of sample types, including stains and liquid samples.

    - The Maxwell® 16 Forensic Instrument provides easy-to-use, consistent and reliable automated nucleic acid extraction of one to 16 samples, bar-code sample tracking, a touch-screen interface and UV decontamination. You choose either low elution volume (50–100μl, LEV) or standard elution volume (300–400μl, SEV) format. Run report data can be transferred from the Maxwell®16 Forensic Instrument to a PC or to an external printer. Data transferred to a PC can be uploaded to a laboratory information management system.

    - The Plexor® HY enables quantification of human and Y-chromosomal DNA simultaneously and is the most sensitive kit available to forensic laboratories. The system can consistently detect as little as 6pg of autosomal or Y-chromosomal DNA. Plexor® HY contains an internal PCR control (IPC) which allows labs to detect PCR inhibitors that could affect quantitation. Its melt-curve analysis is target specific. In addition, Plexor HY works with a variety of STR systems used in forensic laboratories. The system is compatible with numerous qPCR instruments including 7500 Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems). 

    - The PowerPlex® ESX and ESI Systems meet the new ENFSI recommendations for DNA profile sharing across Europe. They are based on five-color technology and allow co-amplification and detection of D3S1358, D8S1179, D18S51, D21S11, FGA, TH01, vWA, D2S441, D10S1248, D22S1045, D1S1656, D12S391, D2S1338, D16S539, D19S433, SE33 and Amelogenin. These kits are available in multiple formats, including the option to detect SE33, to accommodate various requirements or preferences. Additionally, the kits have increased tolerance to common inhibitors and increased sensitivity to obtain full profiles from low-level DNA and are robust enough to genotype degraded DNA samples through the use of mini-STR loci. This system is compatible with ABI PRISM® 310, 3100 and 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzers and Applied Biosystems 3130, 3130xl, 3500 and 3500xL Genetic Analyzers. 

    - PowerPlex® 18D System
    DC1802 and DC1808 - The PowerPlex® 18D System is a multiplex STR system for use in database and paternity testing. This system is optimized for direct amplification of sample on FTA® cards. This five-color multiplex allows co-amplification of the 13 CODIS loci (D18S51, D21S11, TH01, D3S1358, FGA, TPOX, D8S1179, vWA, CSF1PO, D16S539, D7S820, D13S317, D5S818) plus Amelogenin, Penta E, Penta D, D2S1338 and D19S433. All eighteen loci are amplified simultaneously in a single tube and analyzed in a single injection. 17 autosomal loci allows paternity and databasing labs to significantly increase paternity index/exclusion rates and, in addition, allows maximum data sharing between other CODIS labs. 

    - PowerPlex® 16 HS System
    DC2101 and DC2100 is a multiplex STR system for use in DNA typing. This system co-amplifies the loci D18S51, D21S11, TH01, D3S1358, Penta E (labeled with fluorescein); FGA, TPOX, D8S1179, vWA and Amelogenin (labeled with TMR); CSF1PO, D16S539, D7S820, D13S317, D5S818 and Penta D (labeled with JOE). This multiplex includes all 13 CODIS STR markers, Amelogenin for gender determination and two low-stutter, highly discriminating pentanucleotide STR markers. All sixteen loci are amplified simultaneously in a single tube and analyzed in a single injection. Hot-start Taq DNA polymerase is included in the master mix. 

    - The PowerPlex® 21 System is a multiplex STR system for human identification applications including forensic analysis, relationship testing and research use. The system allows co-amplification and fluorescent detection of 21 loci (20 STR loci and Amelogenin), including D1S1656, D2S1338, D3S1358, D5S818, D6S1043, D7S820, D8S1179, D12S391, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D19S433, D21S11, Amelogenin, CSF1PO, FGA, Penta D, Penta E, TH01, TPOX and vWA. The PowerPlex® 21 System is compatible with the ABI PRISM® 3100 and 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzers and Applied Biosystems 3130, 3130xl, 3500 and 3500xL Genetic Analyzers. 

    - The PowerPlex® Y23 System is a 23-loci, 5-color Y-STR multiplex designed for genotyping of forensic casework samples, database samples and paternity samples. The kit contains: all 12 loci in the current PowerPlex® Y System, the additional 5 loci found in AmpFlSTR® Y-filer®, plus 6 new loci.
    The PowerPlex® Y23 System works well with extracted DNA samples, including low amounts of template and male/female DNA mixtures. The PowerPlex® Y23 System also is compatible with direct amplification, enabling streamlined Y-STR databasing efforts. Amplification can be successfully performed with sample types such as FTA® card punches as well as pretreated swabs, Bode Buccal DNA Collector™ punches or S&S 903 punches. 

    - The PowerPlex® Fusion System is a 24-locus multiplex for human identification applications including forensic analysis, relationship testing and research use. This five-color system allows co-amplification and fluorescent detection of the 13 core CODIS (US) loci (CSF1PO, FGA, TH01, TPOX, vWA, D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D8S1179, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51 and D21S11), the 12 core European Standard Set loci (TH01, vWA, FGA, D21S11, D3S1358, D8S1179, D18S51, D10S1248, D22S1045, D2S441, D1S1656 and D12S391) and Amelogenin for gender determination. In addition, the male-specific DYS391 locus is included to identify null Y .


    The event helped all attendees to grasp the new products & techniques as proposed by PROMEGA for efficient & effective DNA extraction procedures.


  • Hotel World 2013

  • Sony Ericsson rebrands

    Sony Ericsson rebrands as Sony Mobile Communications

    Harel Mallac Bureautique in collaboration with Linxia has organised a cocktail followed by the movie Skyfall on Thursday 15th November 2012 at Cine Bagatelle to announce the rebranding of Sony Ericsson to Sony.

    This event has been an opportunity to showcase the latest trends in the range of Sony mobile phones.

    In the movie SkyFallJames Bond (played by Daniel Craig) promote the Sony Xperia™ T mobile phone. A special SkyFall edition of the phone is now available, which is called "The Bond Phone" by Sony.





  • Alcon Conference


    Description: Description: Description: Image_1.PNG

    Nouveaux services ophtalmologiques à la Clinique Medisave


    Vendredi 13 juillet 2012, Hotel Labourdonnais – Port-Louis : C’est dans l’optique de contrer les maladies oculaires qui sont de plus en plus décelées chez la population mauricienne, que la clinique Medisave et son collaborateur Harel Mallac Healthcare ont organisé un séminaire en vue de présenter à l’ensemble des ophtalmologues mauriciens, les nouveaux services ophtalmologiques et principalement le nouvel appareil « Constellation »  disponibles à la clinique Medisave.
    Description: (de g. à d) M. Ryno Brynard représentant d'Alcon et de la machine Constellation faisant partie des nouveaux services ophtalmologiques à la Clinique Medisave

    (de g. à d) M. Ryno Brynard représentant d’Alcon et de la machine Constellation faisant partie des nouveaux services ophtalmologiques à la Clinique Medisave


    En vue de répondre au mieux aux besoins médicaux de la société, la clinique Medisave s’est récemment équipée d’un appareil de dernière technologie venant des Etats-Unis : la « Constellation » qui permet de réaliser des opérations directes sur la rétine.

    Comme le déclare le Dr. Fez Kasenally, directeur de la clinique Medisave «le but d’une clinique est de soigner les gens mais aussi de leur proposer des solutions et facilités médicales innovatrices, usant des meilleures technologies et pratiques ».


    De nombreuses études montrent que le diabète et l’hypertension sont les fléaux qui frappent le plus sévèrement la société mauricienne. A ce jour, Maurice se place comme le troisième pays au monde avec la plus forte prévalence du diabète et, les problèmes oculaires dont souffre la population mauricienne y sont principalement liés.  Le nombre de patients devant se faire soigner pour de tels problèmes, se révèle réellement conséquent. C’est dans le but de proposer une solution alternative à ces personnes que Medisave a consolidé son département d’ophtalmologie. 

    Medisave est la première clinique privée à mettre à disposition des ophtalmologues mauriciens, l’appareil « Constellation » doté d’un ordinateur permettant de faciliter la réalisation des opérations les plus complexes en optimisant leur durée et en apportant plus de sureté et de confort au patient.


    C’est ainsi une première dans le secteur médical privé, avec une telle technologie désormais mise à disposition de l’ensemble des ophtalmologues mauriciens.

    Cet appareil ultra-moderne est utilisé pour réaliser aussi bien des « vitrectomies », des opérations directes sur la rétine que des opérations de routine telles que la cataracte.

    Afin d’assurer une excellente utilisation d’un tel appareil, la clinique et Harel Mallac Healthcare, fournisseur de l’appareil «Constellation», ont fait appel à Mr. Ryno Brynard – Aslcon Territory Sales Manager et une équipe d’experts venant de l’Afrique du Sud pour participer au séminaire organisé et également pour former les spécialistes en ophtalmologie, dans leur utilisation de l’appareil. Le Dr. Fez Kasenally a précisé : «  je veux pouvoir proposer au public les meilleurs soins, et le plus grand confort à chaque patient, et  pour ce faire, en ayant recours à la modernité. Mais pour pouvoir proposer de tels soins, passant par de nouvelles technologies, il est impératif que le personnel soit formé et qu’il maitrise complétement les nouvelles technologies qu’il s’apprête à utiliser.


    Afin de pouvoir optimiser les interventions ophtalmologiques, la clinique Medisave compte bientôt se donner d’un nouveau bloc opératoire.


  • Harel Mallac Bureautique at ProIT 2012: 16-18 May 2012

    The only B2B ICT Exhibition & Conference event of Mauritius

    The 2nd edition of ProIT was held from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 May 2012 at the Swami Vivenkananda International Convention Center (SVICC), Pailles.

    ProIT 2012 offers a unique platform to companies in the ICT industry to showcase their products, services, emerging technologies and solutions in a commercially motivating environment.

    The event targeted mainly professionals of the ICT sector, SMB's, corporate, Finance Managers and IT decision makers and the business community from Mauritius and the region.


    Over 1,500 business professionals/decision makers visited ProIT 2012.

    The Opening Hours and Closing Hours for Visitors were:

     • Wednesday 16th May 2012 - 13hrs to 19hrs
     • Thursday 17th & Friday 18th May 2012 - 10hrs to 19hrs
    Conference Programme

    Venue: Swan Conference Room

    Wednesday 16 May 2012

    15h00 - 15h45: Managed Print Services by Mr Olivier Merven, Regional Manager Africa - Bytes Document Solutions

  • Health Fair: Harel Mallac Healthcare marks its presence

    More than 25,000 people visited the Salon de la Sante, organised by the Mauritius Heart Association held from the 25th to 26th June 2011 at the Swami Vivikananda in Pailles.

    Harel Mallac Healthcare was at its first participation in this show and the main purpose was to present the public with quality products and the latest technology while educating on the importance to take control of their health. Representatives of Harel Mallac Healthcare also established contacts with professionals (doctors, consultants, specialists, prescriptors, pharmacists etc) from the private and public health sector.


    Harel Mallac Healthcare had two stands at this fair, and four products were particularly hi
    ghlighted: a portable ultrasound device (Sonoscape A), a CR system (Fujifilm), a Cellulite Remover (Slimspecs) and a defibrillator (Primedic).

    Harel Mallac Healthcare had also partnered with Apollo Bramwell Hospital in order to perform diabetes tests and blood pressure monitoring on visitors. It was thus an opportunity for representatives of Harel Mallac Healthcare to showcase the brand glucometers BIONIME and measuring devices ROSSMAX blood pressure.


    Harel Mallac Healthcare showed, through this Health Fair, that it is a 'complete healthcare solution provider'.